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Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert has a multi-faceted background in both spiritual and scientific studies. He is a former U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Survival; since leaving the service in 1985 he has conducted independent research into the Geometric basis of modern science and new technologies. Dr. Gilbert is also a Rosicrucian with more than 20 years of experience in Sacred Geometry and its hidden uses by the world's great spiritual traditions. His non-sectarian approach is inclusive of individuals from all spiritual traditions. Dr. Gilbert holds a Ph.D. in International Studies and is a published academic author in that field, contributing to the first academic textbook in the new field of Transformational Politics.

In 1997 Dr. Gilbert began for the first time to teach publicly the results of his two decades of intensive research. Today he teaches both publicly and privately in Asheville, NC. Dr. Gilbert also offers a small number of his VESICA series of special seminars throughout the United States every year. He is currently completing his first book 7 Keys to Creation: Sacred Geometry and the Patterns of Life.

Elizabeth McKay, M.A.

Elizabeth has extensive experience in sacred dance, art, bodywork, and the Western Mysteries of the Divine Feminine. She received her Master’s Degree in Humanities with a focus on The Shadow and Creativity at Matthew Fox’s University of Creation Spirituality. She holds a diploma in the sacred dance art form of Eurythmy. Eurythmy is an art of the Etheric which makes visible the forces of creation present in Word and Music. Elizabeth is particularly passionate about bringing Sacred Geometry and the Spiritual Mysteries alive through movement. Her training and performances has taken her to California, New York, Germany and Switzerland. In addition to leading Sacred Movement aspects of our Sacred Geometry classes, she also facilitates workshops on creating sacred space through dance and is the founder of The School of Sacred Arts in Asheville, NC.

Jane A. Weaver

janeweaverJane Weaver has been an enthusiastic student of mathematics, music, and the connections between these two sciences for nearly all of her life. Following her college and graduate studies in the areas of music, mathematics and general systems theory, and several years of public sector teaching, she served as a faculty member of the music department at Princeton University. Having relocated to Western North Carolina she teaches piano, cello, and violin in her private studio. She also provides instruction in piano pedagogy and the geometry of music. Her Mennonite upbringing and interest in mandalic geometries led her to pursue quilting as an art form. Jane has participated in numerous local and juried national quilt shows, receiving several awards, and has commissioned work hanging in offices and homes. Her conviction that geometry and proportion lie at the heart of all creation inspires an interest in sharing that perception in both written and workshop formats. Jane's current projects include applications of projective geometry, interpreting and furthering the work of the French radiesthesists, exploring non-quantum geometric theories of nuclear structure, and consulting in application of sacred geometry in architectural design. Jane works with architect Alice Dodson in Sacred and BioGeometric Design.

Debra McClellan

Office Manager, Registrar

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Dr. Karim is the scientist with an innovative matrix technology that the 21st Century needs…
I recommend… [his work] to everyone.” — 
Dr. Masaru Emoto (Author of Message from Water)

Direct From Cairo Egypt
A Special Evening with Ibrahim Karim, Ph.D. Speaking on

Ancient Egyptian Temple Science and
 Modern Environmental Solutions

back-to-a-futureDr. Karim is the Author of Back to a Future for Mankind: BioGeometry and Solutions to the Global Environmental Crisis

in Asheville N.C. Friday, November 4th at 7 p.m.

Join us for a special event with Dr. Ibrahim Karim, exploring recent breakthroughs in understanding the vibrational energies that affect all life on Earth. This exploration will take us on a journey ranging from the lost science of the ancient Egyptian temples, to the latest discoveries from Europe and the Middle East.

The presentation will begin with an illustrated overview of Dr. Karim’s discoveries by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies in Asheville North Carolina. Dr. Karim will then present highlights of his research, including the most recent discoveries from the Egyptian National Research Centre.


  • The Lost Energy Science of the Ancient Egyptian Temples
  • Rediscovering the Key to Vibrational Energies: French Research before World War II 
  • The Hidden Code of Life Energy: Why the “Vibrational Spectrum” is the foundation for a new Healing Science
  • The New Vibrational Energy Science revealed in recent studies by the Egyptian National Research Centre, Al Azhar University, the Egyptian National Hepatitis C Research Project, and European scientific institutes
  • Practical Holistic Methods to Vibrationally Test and Balance any Person, Place, or Thing
  • Discovering “Nature’s Own Design Language”: the Birth of Modern BioGeometry®
  • Transforming the Destructive Effects of Modern Technology
  • How 2 Cities in Switzerland were completely Cleared of Electro-Magnetic Stress problems (biological effects of EMF pollution)
  • Recent Discoveries from the Egyptian National Research Centre: How Vibrational Fields can protect Living Beings from toxic radiations (including nuclear radiation)

LOCATION: This event is being held at: Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park Pisgah Ball Room
43 Town Square Blvd, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803
Tel: 1-828-209-2700

DATE:  Friday, November 4 at 7 p.m.

Please purchase tickets in advance to ensure a space; seating is limited. Tickets will be sold on the night of the talk if still available, however there is no guarantee of availability.

Purchase your ticket online here

or call the Vesica Institute Office to register at 828-298-7007

Dr. Karim is a prominent Egyptian Architect and natural scientist, with over 40 years of intensive research into natural energies. Dr. Karim is the former head of the Egyptian National Research Centre’s project on The Effect of Geometric Forms on Life Functions, which repeatedly demonstrated phenomena which cannot be explained by modern scientific or medical theory.

Dr. Karim demonstrated at the Egyptian National Research Centre in the 1990‘s that precise geometric shapes can profoundly affect the health and function of living organisms, leading to recent projects where he proved that specific vibrational fields can protect living beings from the harmful effects of even nuclear radiation.

Dr. Karim is the founder of the modern field of BioGeometry®, which explains for the first time in detail the secrets of "Nature's own Design Language": how specific Shapes, Movements, Colors, Sounds, Angles, and Proportions create precise vibrational information and affect all living beings. His work transcends the self-imposed boundaries of modern materialistic science, and unites the “life-energy” based understanding of traditional cultures with modern scientific discoveries. He has laid the foundation for a new science of life and health.

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Ibrahim Karim

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karim-at-workBioGeometry™ was founded by Egyptian Architect and Scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim (D.Sc./Dipl.Arch.-ETH, Zurich) after more than 30 years of research. Dr. Karim's breakthrough research identified a unique energy effect found in the energetic centers of all living systems. The natural function of this energy effect is to provide balance, or centering, to the different energy-qualities or effects within any living system. This one centering energy effect is detected through three specific energy-qualities that it manifests, and has been termed BG3. This BG3 energy-quality is responsible for maintaining the energy structures of all living systems, including the balance of the different energy-qualities involved. BioGeometry uses proprietary shapes, which interact with the peripheral energy fields of the body, to amplify the presence of this highly beneficial BG3 energy-quality, as well as to harmonize energy interactions with the environment.

On Dr. Ibrahim Karim's desk is an abstract figure with the inscription "Only those who see the invisible, can do the impossible". Chosen by his youngest daughter Doreya, it is the best description of him.

An Architect by profession; graduate of the renowned F.I.T. Zurich, Switzerland; with BA/MA,and D.Sc. in Tourist Planning. He occasionally teaches as visiting professor of Architecture at several universities. Dr. Karim owns: Alemara Consultants Architecture firm founded by his father Dr. Sayed Karim in the1930’s, who is the main pioneer of modern architecture in the Middle East and author of several books on the Culture behind the greatness of Ancient Egypt.

While still a postgraduate student, in Switzerland, a chance meeting with Dr.Mahmoud Mahfouz, led to an intellectual, philosophical conversation on hospital design and other topics. Dr.Mahfouz, later Minister of Health, appointed Dr. Ibrahim Karim as the youngest Consultant in the Egyptian Government, in order to bring innovative thinking to his Ministry. Dr. Karim worked in integrated health planning, and developed new design concepts of flexibility and expansion for health projects, and worked in the USAID project of Urban Health Development. In 1976 he was a consultant to Dubai's ministry of health, and is, since twenty years, a member of the British Royal Society Of Health, and founding member of the Imhotep society in Egypt, for scientific research in the alternative sciences. In 1982 Dr. Karim was consultant to the Minister of Culture, the late Mohammed Radwan; where he put the initial concept for the new Museum of Civilization to which the international appeal for funding was launched by UNESCO. Later on as consultant to the Minister of Tourism in 1985, he did the first tourist planning for the Red Sea and Western Sinai coastal areas. As a consultant to the Minister of Scientific Research in 1990, he was the principle investigator of the environmental pilot project on the Mahmoudiya Canal in Alexandria, and headed a committee, at the National Research Center, to research the effect of geometrical shapes on biological functions. He patented the first BioGeometrical shapes in 1993, others followed. He received an award at the international congress for inventors in 1998. His work as an architect includes several hospitals, residential, scientific projects, and tourist resorts on the Red Sea.

While renovating the museum of Ancient Egyptian medicine in 1972, Dr. Fawzi Soleiman Sowiha the director of the museum introduced him to the science of Radiesthesia and with him he met Dr. Khalil Messiha, who introduced him to the French system of Physical Radiesthesia and its Ancient Egyptian origins. In France at the Maison de Radiesthesie he acquired original books and instruments that of the pioneers of this science. Fluent in many languages Dr. Karim was able to combine modern concepts of physics, Harmonics, Perception, Pythagorean theories, to develop a new “Physics of Quality” and based on it a science of “qualitative" measurement: Egyptian Radiesthesia. It became the main research tool in his subtle energy research, supported by biofeedback and Bio-Imaging devices. Taking this research into Architecture, Geobiology, and Building Biology, he found the basis on which he developed his new science of BioGeometry®


Dr. Karim gives seminars and workshops, in Europe, America, and the Middle East. He is regularly on radio and television (e.g. Reuters, CNN). He had his own daily television program: "God grant me knowledge", during the holy fasting month of Ramadan, at the turn of the Millennium, on Egyptian Satellite Channel. Since March 2002 he has a weekly one-hour program on the Egyptian ‘El Mehwer’ satellite channel.

He did research in BioGeometrical organic planting with Prof. Peter Mols of the University of Wageningen in Holland, and conducted a workshop to find solutions to harmful Earth radiation at the Design Academy of Eindhoven.

In Egypt he joined the “National Hepatitis C Research Project” lead by the late Dr.Taha Khalifa, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Al-Azhar University, where he achieved significant results. These significant results of the research were made public on air by Dr. Khalifa in a historic, often repeated, television program that included the former minister of Health, as well as prominent medical doctors, in the “Mesaha Horra” series presented by Isaad Younis on the Orbit Satellite television channel in 1999.

He is also discussing, with the governor of Alexandria, the ambitious futuristic project of the energy balance of the city. He is constantly traveling in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, on consulting work in energy balancing of buildings.

July 9-15, 2011
BioGeometry Foundation Training
7-Day Intensive in Asheville, NC with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert
Level 1, Introduction to BioGeometry: July 9-10
Level 2, BioGeometry Energy Balancing and Analysis: July 11-13
Level 3, Intermediate Energy Balancing-BioSignatures & Design Principles: July 14-15

Opening Weekend (Level 1) $340; full 7-day training $1099.  
Register On-Line Now.

August 6 - 11, 2011
BioGeometry Advanced Training
7-Day Intensive in Asheville, NC with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert.
Open to BG Foundation Training Graduates.

Level 4, New BioGeometry Tools: August 6-7
Level 5, Advanced Energy Balancing Techniques: August 8-9
Level 6, Advanced Design Techniques: August 10-11

Full training is $1195.  Contact us for prices on individual levels. 
Register On-Line Now.

To register for any of the above classes, please call (828) 298-7007 or use the registration links above.

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How did the Ancient Egyptians use geometry and design to create beneficial healing energies? What is the Egyptian version of "Feng Shui"? Why do specific geometric designs (as shown in scientific tests) create wellness in humans, animals, and plants? What are the three key energy qualities present in all natural power spots and in the human immune system? By what means can these essential energy qualities be directly detected, measured, and manifested? How did the ancients use energies emitted from specific forms as "spiritual carrier waves" for information exchange between the spiritual and physical worlds?

All of these questions find their exceptional answers in the field of Biogeometry. BioGeometry is a remarkable holistic science which incorporates previously unrevealed techniques used in ancient Egypt within a complete body of knowledge and effective practices. Developed and patented by Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim of Cairo, Egypt in over 30 years of intensive research and development, BioGeometry is a universal design language of geometric form, color, sound, and motion. It produces powerful and measurable beneficial energy effects in all living and inert systems, both human and environmental.

BioGeometry principles and designs have been shown to be highly effective in multiple Egyptian and European projects including university scientific and medical studies. Just a few examples include:

• The Egyptian national Hepatitis C Research Project under Dean Taha Khalifa M.D. at Al Azhar University's Pharmaceutical School

• The Research Committee on the Influence of Geometrical Shapes on Life Function at the Egyptian National Research Centre
• And multiple University agricultural studies in Holland.

BioGeometry is not only one of the most scientifically validated holistic approaches in existence, it is also perhaps the most complete integrated system. It includes:

• Methods to directly detect and measure the specific qualities of energy in any person or space.
• Methods to discern between the detrimental and beneficial energy components of materials, locations, and waveforms.
• Methods to balance and optimize energy in any system.
• Methods to transmute detrimental energy to beneficial energy (including electro-magnetic and toxic earth energies).
• Methods to create measurable beneficial energies through specific alignments of objects.
• Over 700 specific patterns called "Biosignatures" which balance human energy systems (they are in fact the natural patterns of energy movement within each human internal organ and process).
• Unprecedented explanations of concepts and practical applications from the Ancient Egyptian civilization, which can be directly tested and validated.
• A coherent Physics of Quality to complete the dominant quantitative Physics paradigm.
• Details of the "Energy Key" to understand all natural energy flows; this key explains the internal disputes in other design approaches such as Feng Shui, and clarifies the ancient Egyptian method of placement. Practical methods to create "Master Keys" to balance all energy flows in a space are also taught.
• Unique explanations of (and effective methods to manifest) the critical transcendental energy components found in sacred power spots on the Earth and in the human immune system.

Please note that this is only a partial list of the material found within Biogeometry.

For more information on Biogeometry, see the Dutch website and the Egyptian site (both in English).

An Interview with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

RobertYou are well known for your work and seminars in Sacred Geometry. How is BioGeometry related?

Sacred Geometry is a very popular topic today in spiritual circles; although it has been a foundation of deep spiritual initiation for thousands of years, the public is just now becoming aware of how Sacred Geometry creates the patterns behind everything in the manifest world. Unfortunately most of the information on Sacred Geometry available today is very abstract and "symbolic", offering little insight into the powerful practical applications of these patterns. BioGeometry reveals many little-known precise energy effects of Sacred Geometry patterns; it is really an incredible quantum leap forward in our ability to understand and practically apply Sacred Geometry, making accessible to everyone many previously hidden secrets of how these patterns of creation used as a practical science in ancient spiritual traditions.

How did you first learn about BioGeometry?

I first learned about BioGeometry from a gentleman who attended one of my talks on Sacred Geometry, and spoke to me afterwards regarding Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, the founder of BioGeometry and the remarkable body of work he had developed. Once I learned that Dr. Karim was making available powerful new insights into how Geometric forms, among other things, create specific energies that affect human beings and all life on Earth, I knew this was something I needed to check out! As I began to investigate it I discovered BioGeometry incorporated previously hidden knowledge regarding the inner Temple Sciences of ancient Egypt, along with little-known European discoveries regarding how to simply and easily identify––and directly work with–– a wide range of precise energies. Needless to say, I made immediate plans to find Dr. Karim and learn what this BioGeometry work was all about. Once I got a taste of it, I was hooked and I’ve been intensively researching and applying this work for the last several years.

BGmedallion-1CAIRO EGYPT, August 5 1993: A team of researchers at the Egyptian National Research Centre watches as an Egyptian Architect places a simple geometric form over a culture of bacteria. Reputed to be a master of the lost energy science of Ancient Egypt, the Architect has been brought to the Centre to test his ability to create specific energy effects through the use of shapes, sounds, colors, and movements. The researchers are certain that they will easily discredit such ‘nonsense’ by designing controlled experiments to test his abilities.

To their amazement, the Architect’s claim to be able to stop the replication of the bacteria through the subtle energy emitted by a simple geometric form proves true. In the report of the experiment released by the Head of the Department of Microbial Chemistry, he notes “quite a noticeable cessation of the growth of Saccharomyses cerevisiae was observed... the essence of this type of interaction seems to surpass explanation through our traditional and classical knowledge in basic science.”

After this success, other scientists and researchers took up the challenge of testing the Egyptian Architect’s energy methods; in every case they are confounded by the powerful effects.




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